High-end Infrared (IR) Filters
for Research, Imaging & Production

Long pass filters provide a sharp cut-off below a particular wavelength. LP filters isolate broad regions of the spectrum, simultaneously providing high transmission of desired energy, and deep rejection of unwanted energy. This filter is mainly used in human body temperature detection and temperature measurement.

Longpass filters can be customized to customers’ specific requirements.

Long pass filter this is basically the height and width of the filter curve. Regardless of whether were infinitely large could possibly allow for the huge range of frequencies; in the event it were infinitely small it only allow you frequency. Of many audio and electronic equipment that utilize band pass filters this is exactly modified that has a dial. The frequencies higher reduce wide bandpass filter than the pass band certainly not able to come into contact with the filter.Modify the placement of the filter up and down the frequency scale. The regularity scale varies according to just what filter will be useful. In the event that filter provides used by audio applications, the frequency scale will probably be 20-20,000 Hz, all the different human hearing.

Long pass filter the slope is definitely the steepness of this ridge associated with the filter curve. Many bandpass filters isn't going to chop off the ranges after pass band completely, and all filters definately will control this slope. In the event the slope is wide, it would allow a wider assortment frequencies which are outside the pass wide bandpass filter , but at lower decibels than these frequencies within a pass band. The controller to this particular would be defined as the slope -- expense control the scale or keeping of the pass band, only its sharpness.

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